MicroClear Water Treatment

What is MicroClear?

Coloured wastewater can be a great issue and a great challenge due to its toxicity and contamination of different chemicals. There are various types of conventional methods that apply chemical, physical and biological techniques to treat colored wastewater. Unfortunately,chemical techniques produce hazardous and toxic chemical sludge, thus contributing to environmental problems. Biological treatment using microorganisms is more preferred; it is seen as environmental and economical. After years of research and study, we have come up with MicroClear, a commercial consortium of microorganisms that has the potential to degrade and dyeing wastewater.

Why MicroClear?

MicroClear consists of mix culture of bacteria capable of degrading and decolourising dye wastewater. Our study has shown MicroClear that makes suitable biological agent for treating coloured wastewater:

  • Eco-friendly
  • Produces minimal sludge
  • Improves water quality
  • Allows for water reusability
  • Requires minimal maintenance
  • Economical


MicroClear not only focuses on treating coloured wastewater but also other types of wastewater as listed below:

  • Textile wastewater
  • Palm oil mill effluent
  • Food processing effluent
  • Printing wastewater
  • Sewage

There are currently various studies performed to improve the versatility of MicroClear in treating waste, as it aims for industrial commercialization.

Mechanism of MicroClear

Simple mechanism

MicroClear is a consortium of bacteria acclimatised to break down and feed on dyes found in textile wastewater. MicroClear works by breaking down bonds in textile dyes and then absorbing the broken down dyes as nutrients. As a result, textile wastewater becomes decolourised and free of textile dyes.

Effective Treatment



MicroClear can be used directly for treatment of coloured wastewater or carrier material can be provided for biofilm growth of microorganisms


MicroClear QuickBreak

MicroClear QuickBreak is a heavy duty cleaner - a biodegradable water based degreaser (oil dispersant). It disperse and remove all types of oil, grease, wax, and stains, leaving the treated surface cleansed and back to original condition without any short or long term effects.

MicroClear QuickBreak is water based degreaser and formulated to produce degradable waste dissolve into water without leaving oil traces. Thus, it is an environmentally friendly product, which biodegrades and easy to use. An excellent alternative choice.


  • Oil and Gas Industry
  • Automotive (Equipment and vehicle cleaning)
  • Hotel and Restaurant
  • Shipyard
  • Tool cleaning
  • Storage Tank Cleaner Applications
  • Oilfield storage tank cleaning, both internal and external
  • Transport tanker cleaning
  • Cleaning of piping and equipment located in tank batteries
  • Storage Tank Cleaner is easy to work with for any application.

Quick Break Properties

  • Able to dissolve and remove most waste matter, organic, inorganic, or petroleum hydrocarbon.
  • Takes on tough jobs by efficiently dissolving removing grease, oil, crude oil, and organic oils.

The Environment Choice

  • Environmentally safe to dispose as it dissolve waste (base on oil) into smaller size in a large volume of water of flow water.
  • Protecting the ecosystem has become a major concern for large and small businesses. Harmful substances contaminate the system quickly and also affect downstream water system or land disposal sites.


Recommended to be used as given or dilute to suite surface to be treated. Apply directly on intended surface and leave it to react for 3 or 5 minutes. Rinse with water – no hard scrubbing is necessary.

Pre-Cautions Step

Do not mix with other chemicals or materials, due to preserve its activation chemistry. Keep out from children. Keep away from direct sunlight. If the irritation persists, please consult a doctor immediately.

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

MSDS document is available on request. Please submit form below for MSDS request.