About Us

MICROCLEAR SDN BHD is the leading biotech company for Biotechnology product such as wastewater treatment for textile wastewater in Malaysia, and heavy duty degreaser for industry and personal usage.

We also offer value-added services in wastewater treatment and water treatment biotech product especially for textile industries. MicroClear provide alternative solution to the use of chemicals for the removal and degradation of dyes and micro organic pollutants into simpler substances. It was developed by a group of experienced researchers and Professors from Faculty of Biosciences and Bioengineering (FBB) led by Assoc. Prof. Dr Zaharah Ibrahim. The issue about wastewater treatment is frequently discussed and it is also one of the challenging areas that need to be improved from time to time without giving any negative effects towards our mother nature.


To be a world leader in biotechnology product for environment.


To design biotechnological processes for producing safe and clean environment in order to improve sustainability of companies and contribute to the balanced improvement of People, Profit and Earth.